Senin, 23 April 2012

My Bio ʅ(ᴖ ᴗ ᴖ)

just a simple bio from me :

Name       : Annisa Nurhaliza
Birth        : Bandung, 31 Mei 1998
Age           : 14 years old
Class        : 7D (2010-2011), 8G, and now in 9B {}
School     : SMPN 1 SUMBER
Address  : Cirebon, Indonesia
Favorite Food : All of Indonesian food especially Mie ayam^^
Hobby : Online, playing laptop, swimming, play with friend, family, or 
                my cats,  drawing, etc
My Idol : Amber f(x) & Girl's Generation
Favorite Movie : SuckSeed, Wedding Dress, First Love, etc
Cartoons : Spongebob
Abou me :  - i love my family,my best friend, my cats, and Allah
                      - girls are a bit lazy
                      -wasteful but is now trying to frugal
                      -easy to make friends with anyone               
                      - happy to make others laugh
                      - i little bit hate mathematics and physics
                      - always be her self
                      - easily forgiving 
                      -sometimes a bit annoying
                      - just an ordinary girl who want to be a good person but  
                       still confused what should she do.

my quotes : in life don't think of anything that made you fall, it's better 
                        if we consider how we can do better in  the future. follow the 
                       flow of life. follow the path of life that God gave. life, is already 
                       be set by  the gods, just how we life and grateful. :)

Keep Enjoy! ;)

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